Whether someone operates a very large firm or owns a small business, wage and hours disputes have the potential to create major problems. In some cases, these disputes are so serious that they result in the closure of a business, bringing an end to business goals and leaving entrepreneurs devastated. Many other facets of employment law are tough when disagreement surfaces, but those related to wage and hour issues are often especially complex. From unpaid overtime to minimum wage violations and claims related to the non-payment of wages, there are many reasons why these disputes come up. 

In some cases, wage and hour disputes result from misunderstanding and employers are able to clear up the confusion without going to court. For example, when a current staff member or former employee does not understand their rights or the details of the law, it is possible in some instances to resolve the dispute outside of court. On the other hand, some cases are very complicated and there is no way around litigation. In these situations, business owners need to take a comprehensive look at the details of the case and figure out how to handle the dispute properly. 

Unfortunately, some people falsely accuse companies of violating their employee rights, such as bitter workers who want to get revenge after the termination of their position. It is pivotal for business owners to go over the ins and outs of wage and hour laws to ensure that they are prepared to confront the legal challenges that lie ahead. Our blog discusses many other issues concerning employment disputes.