When it comes to employment matters, there are many aspects of the law that create serious challenges for employers. Sometimes, disputes and lawsuits surface over a misunderstanding or an accidental oversight. However, not all employment-related complaints are valid and there are times when workers falsely accuse their employer of wrongdoing. In this post, we will break down a few of the reasons why this occurs and why it is so pivotal for employers in this position to prepare for what likely lies ahead. 

For starters, many workers who falsely accuse an employer or manager of doing something wrong simply want to get money. However, financial incentives are not the only reason why employees falsely accuse their company of wrongdoing. Sometimes, bitter workers hold grudges and want to take down those who they blame for their problems. For example, some employees whose positions are cut due to poor performance or unacceptable behavior decide to bring others down with them and exact revenge. In other instances, employees lack familiarity with the law and believe that their rights were violated when no laws were even broken. 

Unfortunately, employment law cases have a negative stigma and many workers have an upper hand during such disputes. We realize it is very tricky for many business owners to gather evidence to defend their company and sometimes it is one person’s word against another’s. If you are dealing with an employment law dispute based on false allegations, it is imperative to go over all of your legal options carefully and take every step you can to protect your business. Read our employer defense page for more.