Making the necessary first steps when starting a business can help secure a more stable future for your company. You are less likely to slip up and sink your business at the start.

According to Forbes, there are necessary steps that you need to take to run a successful company.

Obtain appropriate licenses

Every business entity and type of business has different licensing requirements. It is up to you to ensure that you are up to code federally and throughout the state. When you do not have the proper permits or licenses, you can face a variety of penalties. These penalties include suspension, fines and may even force your business to close.

Learn employee regulations

Before you start your business, brush up on the fair labor standards act, OSHA and federal discrimination laws. It is your legal duty to protect employees and to understand workers’ compensation, disability insurance and unemployment taxes. Before you hire employees, it is better to know what rights a worker has.

Choosing wrong name and structure

When you name your business, research your intended name. If someone registers a business name in California, you cannot choose the same name if you supply similar services or products. The business’s home state does not matter if there is a trademark on the name. When a company trademarks his or her name, it has protection throughout the country.

You have a choice between forming an LLC or becoming a sole proprietorship. As a business owner, you have personal liability in sole proprietorships. In an LLC, the business is a separate legal entity and so you do not have personal liability.