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Orange County Business Transactions Attorneys

     Whether your business is in the initial startup phase, growing in size and profits, or preparing to dissolve, there are a number of transactions that will affect your business structure, liability or interests. At Jacobs & Dodds, we represent our business clients throughout the life of their business to ensure that all business transactions protect the business or personal interests of our clients.

     To best safeguard your business interests, we provide the counseling you need to understand your rights and obligations when entering into legal agreements. Contact us today to learn more about conducting business and protecting your legal interests.

Contracts and Business Operation in Orange County
     Orange County business owners should pay very close attention to every contract they sign. Contracts can contain provisions concerning what law will be applied, whether a party can recover attorney's fees and legal expenses if a dispute concerning the contract occurs, and even where a lawsuit needs to be filed if there is a dispute. A contract can even require that binding arbitration be used to settle all disputes.

     Before you enter into a contractual agreement, our lawyers can carefully draft or review your contracts with a fine eye on all the details. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your transactional needs.

We are experienced in the following business transactions:
Business formation: We represent clients at the inception of their business to ensure that the business is properly formed. We are experienced in handling the formation of a variety of business entities, including corporations and LLCs, partnerships, and other business structures.

Contract review and drafting: We can advise you of your rights and obligations before entering a contract. Our lawyers have over 35 years of experience negotiating, drafting and reviewing employee contracts, buy/sell agreements, purchase and sale agreements, and commercial lease and real estate contracts.

Business documents: In conducting day-to-day business operations, you will eventually need certain documents that may have important legal implications. Our attorneys are experienced in providing knowledgeable general counsel and representation to businesses, including developing invoice forms, employee handbooks, records and other documentation that will be important to protect your business against tax, criminal or civil liabilities.

Purchase and sale of a business: We represent both buyers and sellers of businesses. We handle all aspects of corporate mergers and corporate acquisitions, and can inform you of any rights or obligations involved with a stock purchase or asset-only purchase.

Corporate/Partnership dissolution: When you are faced with a corporate or partnership dissolution or the dissolution of a business, we can advise you of your personal rights and obligations and can help you protect your interests in a business dissolution.

Contact Jacobs & Dodds for a free consultation with an experienced business law and transactions attorney or to speak with an experienced California business startup lawyer from our firm.

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