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Orange County Unfair Competition Lawyers

     Many business owners believe that any act taken by an employee or a competitor that negatively affects their business is unfair competition. The law in California is very complex and, unfortunately for many businesses, very employee-friendly in terms of unfair competition. If you are a business owner that has lost business or profits as a result of unfair competition, Jacobs & Dodds can provide the strategic legal representation you need to protect your business.

Examples of unfair competition and wrongful business practices may include:

**An employee who leaves the company and takes the customer list with him

**A former employee opens up a competing business and undercuts his former employer's prices to gain an economic advantage

**An employee convinces several of her co-employees, while she is still employed with the company, to come to work for her as soon as she leaves the company and starts up a competing company

     Our lawyers represent employers whose businesses have been affected by former employees who start up a competing business or in cases where a competitor is riding on the coattails of our client’s business, through either identical advertising or the use of a similar or identical business logo.

     At Jacobs & Dodds, we work to protect our business clients from these and other predatory unfair competition practices. We take swift decisive action, including immediate injunctive relief, to protect our clients' interests. Whether you are facing business litigation related to unfair competition or you are interested in learning more about your rights and how to protect your business, we can provide the information you need. We will explore all of your options and alternatives so that you can proceed in the most cost-effective and strategic manner.

     If one of your employees has left and started another business, or if a competitor has participated in unfair competition, contact us as soon as possible. We can provide the guidance, support and legal advocacy you need before a competitor has generated enough income to withstand a legal fight or before your business is negatively impacted.

Contact Jacobs & Dodds for a free consultation with an experienced business law and transactions attorney or to speak with an experienced trial lawyer from our firm.

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